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Mini Palm

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This decorative palm is rightfully very popular as both an indoor and outside plant, growing well directly in the soil, in outdoor container pots, and inside homes.Palm plants are tolerant of being under watered, but they will grow their best when watered on a regular basis.

This plant loves shade, lots of water, and can tolerate fairly low temperatures, making it an ideal plant for many environments, including homes, offices, malls, and sheltered areas of gardens. The palm is an especially good choice for a houseplant, not only because it is very attractive and quite undemanding in terms of care, but also because it rates highly on NASA’s list of air purifying plants. These plants were found to filter harmful toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, resulting in cleaner and healthier air to breathe in

Ideally, palm plants prefer it when their soil is kept evenly moist.Allow the soil to dry out only slightly between waterings 

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